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Date April 21, 2023 – Buddy & the Scarecrow

April 21 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Buddy Scarecrow

Buddy and the Scarecrow is made up of B-Rad Tidswell (lead guitar, vox), Gord Kushner (guitar, vox), Mathias Wolfsohn (keys, vox), Gary Bulloch (bass) and Noel Peters (Drums).  Originally back in 1989 B-Rad Tidswell, Mathias Wolfsohn and Gord Kushner met at a Satsang (song and meditation gathering).

It was there that Tidswell and Kushner shared some songs and started to get to know one another and soon began to connect and write songs together.  They first began playing together in an original band called the Way, which also included Gary Bulloch and Mathias Wolfsohn.  The band later evolved into an act in the 90s named Noah’s Great Rainbow where Noel Peters joined. Noah’s Great Rainbow developed a loyal following and toured BC and down the coast of the U.S.  Over the next 30 some odd years these five players have continued to be friends and play music together in all types of arrangements.

A handful of years ago Brad and Gord decided to book themselves as a duo act around Vancouver and became known as Buddy and the Scarecrow.   It was then that they began getting noticed again and the other members asked if they could join in, at first as guests, and then before they knew it, they were all back together again making music.  Soon they were getting bookings all over Vancouver, securing a monthly residency at the Fairview Pub and touring around BC playing festivals and private parties.  Last summer, when Covid seemed to ease off, Kushner convinced the others to go into the studio and record.  Kushner figured that since they were an act best known for their live shows, what better way to capture the sound of the band than with recording “live off the floor”.   The idea was to rehearse 2 songs and then go in and record them as a band.  Buddy and the Scarecrow went into Ed Johnson’s (Brickhouse, Turtle Recording) studio.  Johnson is a good friend of the band who originally introduced Noel Peters to Kushner and Tidswell in the early 90s.  Johnson is all over the recordings where he played percussion and sang back ups. The band considers Johnson to be the sixth member.    With getting the studio set up for recording it only took 1.5 hours to finish recording the 2 songs.  Johnson pointed out to Kushner that the studio was booked and paid for the entire day and that the band should keep recording.  Kushner told Johnson that “the band didn’t rehearse any other songs…” Johnson replied “you guys have been playing for 30 years together just play like it’s a gig and let’s see what we get…”.  In a few more hours they had recorded a live performance of 11 original songs.  Some great music was captured and best of all it was made by friends with musical connection that dates back decades.  This is a true story of friendship and triumph.


April 21
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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